A MIDWIFE whose dad died at Barnsley Hospice is urging others to take part in their annual fundraising walk.

Cate Briscoe says the care her dad got before he died at the hospice was outstanding and she wants to give something back to the charity.

Tom Briscoe was just 65 when he died in 2009 from bowel cancer, and spent the last days at the hospice in Gawber.

Two weeks after his death Cate took part in the hospice’s Midnight Walk and plans to pull on her walking boots again this June.

“I have been a nurse for a long time, so I know what good care looks like. The level of care is outstanding - it’s like an extended family. But it’s not just the person who is ill that they focus on, the whole family is important,” said 42-year-old Cate.

The annual walk's been a huge success, and it's raised nearly £200,000 in the last two years. More than a thousand people are expected to participate in this year's walk, which has a 'Wild Wild West' theme.