PETROL thieves are targeting cars owned by elderly and vulnerable in Shafton, according to a concerned resident.

Ros Wibberley, of Bedale Walk, claims her husband's petrol tank was drilled and drained of fuel late on Sunday night in a council-owned car park off Hawthorne Street.

Ros, 58, said the problem's been ongoing for about a year, and said a dozen cars around Bedale Walk and Hawthorne Street had been damaged by thieves attempting to steal fuel.

"It's ridiculous, it's absolutely awful," she said. "People have been seen in the area and have been chased off by neighbours."

The matter is in the hands of police but residents say they're going to campaign for CCTV to be fitted around the area.

In a public meeting on Wednesday, Cllr Dave North requested cameras be installed to help prevent petrol thieves operating in the area.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police confirmed the incident involving the couple's car was reported to officers.