A STUDENT from Barnsley College will take part in his most daring charity campaign yet.

Peter Robertshaw, its 20-year-old student union president, is plummeting 15,000ft in a sponsored skydive.

Just a few weeks ago, he was awarded the title of Young Fundraiser of the Year by South Yorkshire's High Sheriff, Julie Kenny.

Peter - who is scared of heights - will take to the sky on March 23 along with 39 other volunteers to raise a £1,000 each for the Mercy Ministries charity.

The charity is for young women who suffer from life-affecting disorders such as eating disorders, self-harm, depression and the effects of abuse.

“I saw the fundraising event called 40/40/40, raising £40,000 through 40 people skydiving for the 40th birthday of the charity’s executive director," said Peter.

"When I saw it I knew people wouldn’t expect me to do it as I am a bit nervous about heights but I thought that it would be even more incentive for people donate and support such a great cause.“

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