PLANS to extend Cortonwood retail park have been turned down.

The proposals would have created 250 jobs, and it's lead to a mixture of relief and disappoinment from local people.

It's claimed the development would have created the jobs through £25m of private investment, which would have seen a current warehouse on the site demolished and six retail units erected.

But Rotherham councillors rejected the development on the basis it would adversely affect Barnsley town centre and cause potential traffic problems - objections made by Barnsley Council when the plans were submitted.

Daniel Harris, who owns the land and submitted the application, said he was 'very disappointed'.

But David Cole, of the Wombwell High Street Committee, welcomed the news.

"It's a good thing really because money needs to spent on small towns rather than expanding retail centres," he said.

"A lot of these centres are struggling and shutting down in the current economic climate but, if you keep building more, it shuts down high streets as well - so then you're left with nothing at all," he added. "We need to go back to basics with high street shopping and a sense of community."