MORE than £10,000 could be ploughed into Houghton every year if plans for three 80-metre tall wind turbines are approved.

EDF Energy is proposing to build a wind farm between the A6195 and Park Lane, which is expected to generate 6MW of energy - equivalent to the electricity usage of about 3,000 homes.

Residents were told at two consultation events at the weekend that, based on a ratio of about £2,000 per megawatt, a community fund of about £12,000 would be generated by the company each year during the turbines' 25-year lifespan.

Representatives of EDF said responses had been mostly positive during the consultation, though there were voices against the development, particularly in areas most exposed to the view.

Frank Wilson, 55, said his property on Milton Street will look out over the development and says he has concerns about the noise.

"The wind comes from the west down here from Penistone, and it acts like a wind tunnel," he said. "I go shooting at a farm where the owner has bought himself one and they're very loud - especially when it's windy. I dread to think what it'd be like down here."