A KENDRAY man has become a black belt at karate - aged 66.

Pete Cassy has been a member of Barnsley Shotokan Karate Club for almost ten years and passed his black belt this month.

Andy Sherry, who was the first to be awarded a black belt in the UK, and Frank Brennan, who captained the team that beat Japan in the 1990 world championships, were the two who graded Pete.

Pete is now the proud owner of a silk black belt and says he is thinking of learning how to teach the self-defence sport now he has met the minimum requirement.

He said: "I'm still in a bit of a daze, really, I didn't think I would get there. But I just kept going and thought why not? I'm hoping I can be an inspiration to some of the younger members coming through because, if I can do it, anyone can."