MP MICHAEL Dugher has highlighted very concerning figures that show 22 per cent of children in Barnsley are living in poverty.

The figures published by the campaign ‘End Child Poverty’ have shown that the number of children in poverty in 2012 in Barnsley was 10,996 - 22 per cent.

A child is considered to be living in poverty if their household income is less than 60 per cent of averages wages. Last year that figure equated to £251 per week.

“These figures are of great concern,'' said the Barnsley East MP, whose own constituency figure is at 24 per cent.

''It's not acceptable that in Barnsley it's estimated that almost a quarter of children are living in poverty. The government needs to reassess the sheer scale of its cuts and unfair policies like bedroom tax to ensure that it doesn't grow.''

Here's a list of the figures:

- Cudworth: 25%

- Darfield: 24%

- Hoyland Milton: 22%

- North East: 23%

- Rockingham: 18%

- Stairfoot: 29%

- Wombwell: 23%

- Worsbrough: 30%