A MAN was arrested in Athersley on suspicion of burglary and possession of drugs as part of a police operation.

He was arrested at a house by police investigating a burglary in Carlton on Monday.

Officers had gone to the house to find a man who's believed to have taken a stolen games console into the Cash Converters in the town centre.

Cash Converters' assistant manager Jamie Simmons helped the officers as they studied CCTV footage at the shop.

Jamie said: "There are not as many people coming in with stolen goods. I think it's probably because of the police presence and the checks we do."

PC Davies said most businesses in the town centre were very helpful.

"It's not in their interests to accept stolen goods because if we know it's stolen, we'll take it away and if they sell it and then we take it away, the person who they sold it to will want their money back."

Similar operations took place in Barnsley markets, where uniform and plain clothes officers checked second-hand stalls for stolen goods.