A BARNSLEY postman has been jailed for a year after stealing thousands of items over a five-year period.

Martyn Platts, 50, stole DVDs, perfume, CDs and jewellery.

Members of the public complained to the Royal Mail and its bosses launched a sting operation by putting four fake pieces of mail into his postbag to see if he delivered them.

One item was delivered, but investigators chose to search his car and house.

Karen Tunnacliffe, who prosecuted Mr Platts, said: ''They found 50 or 60 items which hadn't been opened, 54 postal packets were found on the kitchen table, and there were 1,165 addressed items in two wheelie bins.''

The sting also found 1,822 commercial leaflets - something which businesses pay the Royal Mail to deliver.

Platts, who admitted his crime, said: "I just thought it was one of those things you can get away with. I got found out and that's it."