LAST Thursday saw Cllr Gardiner deliver the local authority's 2013/14 budget. Here are the need-to-know figures, facts, and an in-depth look at the council's choices.

The Figures

£16.5million - The figure the council had to save.

126 - The number of its staff that are facing compulsory redundancy.

£6.5million - The figure that the hard-hit adult social services has been faced with.

£4.5million - The amount that the council's had to cut from the children's services sector; a figure of £1.7million will be saved as it's no longer running youth clubs.

£2.5million - Development services will have to deal with this hefty cut.

£2.5million - Corporate services will lose this amount.

The Good News

- There's no rise in council tax.

- Libraries and children's centres are not going to close.

- There will be no reduction in highways maintenance, street cleaning or grass cutting for another year.

- No increase in business rates (for the time being).

- The authority will receive an extra £1.5m in its NHS grant from the health service which will help mitigate cuts to adult social care. 

The Bad News

- Council won't be running youth clubs.

- Adult and children's services both face severe cuts in funding.

- The OAP warden service will go and the adult services department will be rearranged.

- A figure of £500,000 will be saved through 'back-office' cuts, meaning 126 staff are facing redundancy.

- The borough's two dog warden posts will be reduced to just one and vacant council posts will be deleted, staff redeployed and some will take voluntary severance.


- Council staff are to pay for car parking permits for the first time, costing £17.50 a month, with senior management paying double that.

- Other savings come from the members' mileage scheme being abolished.

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