A CUDWORTH man with a learning disability has found his dream job with the help of a disability charity.

Daniel Hirst's disability affects his memory and speech. The 23-year-old contacted Mencap to develop his CV and learn new skills to help him find employment.

Daniel has since been hired as a software programmer for Sheffield-based health and safety services company HS Direct Ltd.

The company's director, James Murphy, said: "Daniel has been a fantastic addition to our team. His work is excellent and he has fitted in incredibly well with all the other members of staff - we are very pleased to have him on board."

Mencap workers also helped Daniel, who also has a physical disability which affects his mobility, apply for funding so that he can pay for taxis to and from work.

"I was determined that I would accept my disabilities and find a way,'' said Daniel.

"I have gone from being the quiet new guy in the corner, to having a laugh and joke with my co-workers and having software out there selling on its first release."