DOG-mad Lynn Morgan loves her pets so much she shares her semi-detached home with 41 of them.

Lynn, 47, breeds French bulldogs and has 25 of them, along with six Chinese Crested dogs and ten miniature English bull terriers.

"I have always had no less than 15 or 16 dogs," said Lynn, who also shares the home with her husband Tony, 66.

She says breeders tend to get rid of dogs once they're no longer used for breeding but she doesn't and keeps them all, including some of the puppies.

"I have to keep them and then when they die I have them cremated and keep their ashes in pretty boxes on my windowsill," she says.

Lynn says she had five chest freezers and spends £280 on tripe each month to feed her pets. She also buys copious amounts fabric softener for the dogs' blankets and there is a miniature bed for them in the front room.