HIDDEN cameras could be installed in Tankersley and Pilley to spot people dumping rubbish and stop anti-social behaviour.

Members of Tankersley Parish Council discussed the idea at a council meeting on Monday after Cllr Robert Barnard explained grants were available from the police for community projects.

The council heard how the cameras can store thousands of photos and use infrared technology so they can take pictures at night.

Parish councillor Richard Garforth said the cameras cost about £200 and members said how the devices could be put up in trees and moved about the parish.

Chairman of the council Helen Reckless supported the move.

"At the end of the day if it's something we can do in our parish and it's of benefit for our parish then it's worth doing," she said.

It would be funded by the 2013 Commissioner Grant Scheme which has been launched by Shaun Wright - Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire to solve policing issues.

Up to £10,000 can be applied for in the April funding round of the scheme.