A MAN dubbed 'the fruit loop in the wet suit' will swim the River Don in protest at the possible closure of an under-threat local leisure centre.

Peter Morton - a member of new action group 4SLC - which opposes plans to shut Stocksbridge Leisure Centre, will take on the challenge tomorrow.

Peter's swim will begin at 2pm at The Bridge Inn, Thurgoland, and finish about an hour-and-a-half later at Lowoods Club, Deepcar.

His main objective is to highlight the dangerous alternatives open to children, such as swimming in the river, if Sheffield City Council goes ahead with the closure of the Moorland Drive centre.

Sheffield City Councillors will vote to determine whether funding of £400,000 will be withdrawn from the centre in the next couple of weeks.

Fay Howard, from 4SLC, said being involved in the group was almost like having another full-time job.

"We obviously need as much publicity as possible to help change the city council's mind, so please help us to help the people of of Stocksbridge and their children."

Fay, who lives in Stocksbridge, added: "What's galled people more than anything is that at the public meeting (held in January) Councillor Isobel Bowler said this has been under decision since September but they didn't inform the town council until January. She said if they did certain people would make political capital - we've been denied four months which would've been extremely valuable."

The group hopes to persuade the city council to fund the centre for one more year in order for members to put together a more viable business plan.