A RETIRED doctor risked his life to save two cats from a house fire believed to have been started by a faulty dishwasher.

We reported the incident last week, when South Yorkshire Fire first released its brief details.

Dr Cliff Calladine, of Penistone, was shopping at Meadowhall with wife Chris when he was alerted to the incident by a call to a mobile phone from the couple's security alarm.

After entering his home to find his two cats - both of which survived the blaze - firefighters later arrived and helped Dr Calladine to exit the house.

"I got a bit of a telling off from the fire brigade for putting my life at risk," he said.

"The first thing you think about when you're faced with that situation is not your possessions but the things that mean the most to you.''

Damage, including a scorched kitchen and a number of smoke-damaged rooms, will cost an estimated £100,000 to repair.