A FAMILY who moved into a three-bedroom council house will have to pay 'bedroom tax'.

The news comes after the couple were told they couldn't have a two-bedroom property because they have too many children.

Beth Brant and Daryl Burns live with their two children in Worsbrough Bridge.

Daryl also has two other children who stay with them for three days a week.

Because Daryl's children live with them part-time, the couple were refused their desired two-bedroom house.

Because of this, they have to pay an extra £12.50 a week in rent from April because they're classed as having a spare bedroom.

Beth, 20, said they will struggle to meet the cost as she is on an apprenticeship wage, and Daryl doesn't work as he suffers depression.

"When we signed for the house we were told about the bedroom tax, but we were also told we wouldn't be affected because my partner's children live with us for half the week.''

A spokeswoman from Berneslai Homes said customers are asked to sign a document to show they understand how changes will affect them, prior to signing up a new tenant.

She added: "Despite this information, Miss Brant agreed to accept the tenancy of her current home."