BARNSLEY Hospice has revealed it's had a fair few quirky-yet-valuable items donated.

A vintage wooden surfboard, ox horns and a sword-concealing walking stick have all made their way to the town's shops.

Some of the goods have been sold on to dealers for hundreds of pounds to help meet the cost of providing care that is free to patients.

Charlotte Rowan, the hospice’s e-retail manager, said: “The diversity of donations to the hospice is quite surprising. Everything we receive is carefully sorted so that in the case of antiques or collectibles we ensure we can maximise value.“

The hospice has to raise £2 million annually in addition to its £1.6m NHS grant to stay open. Last year, the charity’s shops brought in an income of around £955,000.

Charlotte continued: “First-time visitors to our shops are surprised at the quality of what we sell, and we aim to be seasonal and topical like commercial outlets.''