MP MICHAEL Dugher has condemned cuts to policing after new figures revealed that South Yorkshire Police has lost 178 police officers since 2010.

This comes on the back of figures showing the proportion of crimes being solved by South Yorkshire Police is falling - with 3,718 fewer crimes solved in the last year.

''The scale of the cuts is affecting policing across South Yorkshire and undermining the progress that has been made tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in the region,'' said Mr Dugher.

As a result of the cuts, 436 police officers from communities in South Yorkshire are set to go by 2015.

And on top of this, 793 staff and a further 18 PCSOs will lose their positions in South Yorkshire.

The new figures released by the Home Office show the government’s cuts to policing have resulted in the lowest number of police officers in England and Wales for over a decade.

''These new figures should be a wake-up call to urgently rethink next year’s police budget cuts,'' added the MP. ''The government should be backing our police - not sacking our police.”