A CONSULTANT at Barnsley Hospital is doing his bit for charity by helping an underprivileged community in South Africa.

Dr David Bullimore has been working with a primary school in the country to help enhance its levels of education and health.

Dr Bullimore is calling for people to donate laptops that are no longer used to donate to Sizo Primary School, in Mpumalanga Province in the north-east of the country.

The school currently has 150 children - but only four computers.

Dr Bullimore said: “Many of its communities are struggling with poverty and a real lack of resources.''

“We’re already making improvements to help with the health of the students and staff. We’re installing a sewage diversion to restore a safe drinking water supply and a hygienic kitchen to prepare the meal given to the pupils late morning - for many it is the only proper meal of the day.''

David's also funding a sit-on lawnmower as snakes are common.

Dr Bullimore is asking for laptops with at least 2GB RAM for transfer to the school. Please email him if you can help.