THE Barnsley Chronicle's giving primary schools in the borough a chance to win a share of £10,000.

It's part of the Chronicle's School Funds Giveaway competition, where they've teamed up with the Yorkshire and Barnsley Building Societies.

The Chronicle's Steve Taylor, said: ''This competition's unique as I came up with the initial idea and approached both of our backers. They got behind us and it'll enable us to give well-needed funds to deserving schools in our local communities.'' 

There are ten cash prizes on offer.

• First prize, £5,000

• Second prize, £2,500

• Third prize, £1,000

• Fourth prize, £750

• Fifth prize, £500

• Runners-up (x5), £50 each

From March 1 the newspaper will print special 'Barnsley Chronicle Currency' for people to collect for their local schools.

The currency will take the form of different denominations of bank notes and the school which collects the most notes wins.

''The competition itself is supposed to be fun,'' added Steve. ''We’re encouraging people to get behind their local schools and save the bank notes on their behalf. The more that each school ends up with, the better the chance they have of winning one of the cash prizes to spend on whatever they like.''

Some weeks a bonus bank note will be hidden somewhere in the paper, and on at least one week there will be a downloadable bonus bank note to find somewhere on the website.

For more information, visit here.