POLICE in Barnsley have received reports of 137 shoplifting offences throughout the month of April.

The top three products that were stolen are meat, alcohol and other food items.

Officers have currently charged 33 people with 50 of the offences and are continuing to detect and process others on a daily basis by the use of CCTV footage and intelligence.

Inspector Julie Mitchell, said: "Shoplifting leads to raised prices on our weekly shopping bills - placing an additional burden on already-stretched budgets.

"People who steal risk gaining a criminal conviction which may limit future job opportunities and visits to other countries.

"The majority of offences committed in Barnsley involve theft of alcohol and meat, usually to sell on for cash. Many offenders tell us that this cash is often used to fund their lifestyles involving substance misuse.

"Police in Barnsley are determined to address this issue and will name and shame those responsible, including those found handling stolen goods."

The police have urged people not to resort to theft. For those people who are struggling to make ends meet, there are a number of agencies in Barnsley who can assist, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), and the Credit Union.