KIDS, parents and teachers from six schools across Barnsley are leaving their cars at home and jumping on their bikes and scooters for the school run between 28 February and 20 March.

St Helen’s Primary Academy, Richard Newman Primary, Royston Parkside Primary, Royston St John CofE Primary, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary and Gooseacre Primary Academy have all signed up to take part in the Big Pedal competition.

If you'd like to take part, visit here.

Last year over 950 schools took part. The combined efforts of children all over the country totalled a massive 1,140,075 miles, saving 59,021 gallons of fuel and £368,484.

Amanda Sowerby, Sustrans Bike It officer for Barnsley, said: “I’m really excited to see Barnsley schools signing up for the Big Pedal, with more to come in a last-minute rush I’m sure! Children are supposed to have at least one hour of exercise a day, and cycling the journey to school is a great start.''