A PETITION against the erection of a mobile phone mast on the former Wombwell Baths has been submitted to the council.

The petition - which has 16 names - was presented to the council's chief executive, Diana Terris.

Communications network Orange wants to put a temporary mast on the building and plans for a permanent one to be erected on the building's chimney.

The petition was started by Neil Adnitt, 42, earlier this year after the 20m high temporary mast was erected in the back yard of the former baths building without informing residents.

Neil said: "This mast has been erected without the consideration of residents and their views and, although it's only there for six months, the permanent mast will be on the chimney - which will create a greater imposition on a built up area.''

Orange is currently in a dispute with the council over whether it was required to apply for planning permission for the temporary mast.

Temporary, moveable, masts do not require it in an emergency but the council argues the company knew the mast's previous location - Wombwell High - was being demolished 12 months in advance.