A BEAUTY salon owner has called on the council to protect his business from a plague of pigeons.

Trevor Dixon, who runs two businesses in Penistone, says he's forced to clean the outside of his premises regularly to stop gutters and drains becoming blocked with pigeon excrement.

He says Barnsley Council should pay for pigeon prevention measures because the birds were attracted to the area by discarded food at the market.

The council has also installed pots of cinnamon and chilli gel in the £1million-plus building to stop the birds landing, which has moved them on to other buildings in the vicinity.

"Why they're here is because of the food source and the food source is in that market," said Trevor. "It's all right getting them out of there but where are they going to go? They're getting rid of them out of their building but onto our building.”

Cllr Linda Burgess, said: "We are aware of this situation and are in discussions with Mr Dixon."