A SPATE of car-related attacks have been taking place in the area.

Staincross, Tankersley, Wortley, Darton and Kexborough have all had reported incidents in the last week.

Fire-fighters were called to Windhill Lane, Staincross, at 12.30am on Saturday to tackle a Jeep that was wrecked in the blaze.

A crew from Tankersley went to Cliffe Common Lane, Wortley, at 11.30pm the same day to a BMW that was on fire.

The third incident was at 2.30am on Monday at Manor Crescent, Grimethorpe, where a Vauxhall Corsa was destroyed by fire.

It is not known if the three were linked, but there's also been reports of petrol theft in Darton and Kexborough.