POLICE and Barnsley Council worked together on a day of action to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Grimethorpe.

On January 31, representatives from both met with other organisations including South Yorkshire Fire, TV Licensing and VOSA.

Acting Sergeant Nick Redfearn, said: “This day of action has been about police and partner agencies working more closely together in the Grimethorpe area and achieving results.”

On the day, the team seized 24 cannabis plants, issued warrants for non-payments of fines, checked vehicles, caught 15 people without a valid TV licence, and collected two tonnes of waste from the area.

On a more positive note, Berneslai Homes were also in attendance and assisted 15 families of working age concerning Welfare Reform. They gave advice on actions required to reduce the impact and make sure residents are well-informed of the implications this will have on them.

South Yorkshire Fire visited 51 properties and 13 were found to need a home safety check, whereby fire fighters visit a person’s home and advise them how to lower the risk of fire by fitting smoke alarms for free if needed.