MP JOHN Healey is leading a push to secure at least £220m of European funding to boost growth and jobs in South Yorkshire.

He wants the UK to receive ‘Transition Regions’ funding from a pot worth at least €30bn.

The government are currently opposed to the idea, saying their top priority is “budgetary restraint.”

Mr Healey said: “Areas like South Yorkshire have great potential. This money would help kick-start the local economy, and generate growth that would be multiplied several times over. This would be a ‘win’ for Britain and could be worth over £200m to us in South Yorkshire.“

Mr Healey's teaming up with Yorkshire MEP Linda McAvan. “The last round of European funding in our region was much-needed and well-spent, bringing jobs, businesses and investment to the area,'' she said. ''As the government continues to fail to invest in regions like ours, European funding is needed now more than ever to continue the good work that previous rounds of funding started.”