MEERKATS at Barnsley College’s Wigfield Farm are enjoying the high life thanks to a new enclosure.

It's been designed with input from students to recreate the meerkats’ natural habitat in the desert as accurately as possible.

The four meerkats were bought as pups by the farm in 2010 and have since been a big hit with staff, students and visitors alike.

Wendy Wann, manager of the farm, said: “The new enclosure is a real focal point and provides an interactive close-up experience.''

Students studying Animal Care at the farm are involved in the feeding and cleaning of the meerkats as well as performing on-going health checks as part of their course.

“We've been looking at ways of making life for the meerkats more exciting,'' said James Ledger, who studies Animal Care at the college. ''Foraging is an important part of their daily routine so we have been hiding food in places to make it more interesting for them.''