RESIDENTS in Brierley and Grimethorpe will pay 3p less on their tax this year to Brierley Town Council.

The reduction has come despite the council's budget being raised.

The council's precept for 2013/2014 is set at £197,300, up more than £2,000 on the total last year, but because more properties have been built, the cost has been spread further, meaning the cost has dropped per household.

Every Band D property will now pay an annual fee of £97.37.

The budget was approved at the town council meeting on Wednesday.

The council has made cuts to services across the board, reducing its deficit by £23,863.

Last year its deficit was more than £71,000, whereas this year it is £47,803.

Brierley Mayor Tony Parkinson said: "It's sad that we're having to make cuts across the board but we're hopeful that won't result in changes in the service we provide to the public."

Details of the budget show cuts have been made throughout the town council since the last financial year. Salaries and wages have been reduced by £12,000 due to cuts in staffing resources.

"The 3p reduction isn't very much but is good compared with other areas who have had to increase council charges,'' added Mr Parkinson.