A CONTROVERSIAL planning application for a bio-mass power station in Barugh Green is being considered by Barnsley Council.

Iain Slater's original planning application was submitted in 2009 - but it was withdrawn to allow the company behind the plans to collect more information. Now it is asking again for permission to use a site on Whaley Road for biomass power station - with a 22.5m high chimney stack.

Campaign group Bio Fuel Watch have been urging residents to object to the application to the power station - which it says would burn around 10,000 tonnes of vegetable oil every year. It says residents should be concerned about pollution and the height of the chinmey stack which is almost double the size it was in the original proposal.

It added: "Rocpower opened their first tall-oil plant in Wakefield in late 2009. It is similar to the one proposed here and attracted complaints about smoke from its neighbours almost as soon as the first engine was switched on. Rocpower are now only able to avoid action under the Clean Air Act by switching the entire plant off when the wind is blowing in the direction of the complainants."

Local woman Katie Jepson claims many local residents didn't even know about the plan. She said: "For some reason the majority of us in Barugh Green and Higham don't know anything about this, however what we do know is that in the making of biofuel the powerstation will be releasing smoke into the air."