BARNSLEY Council has welcomed an influential report on towns and cities in the UK.

The Centre For Cities – Cities Outlook Report 2013 shows that Barnsley is the best performing in private sector employment growth.

Cllr Linda Burgess, said: “For Barnsley to record the largest increase in private sector employment out of all the 64 main towns and cities in the UK is fantastic news and shows that even despite these challenging economic times, Barnsley is a great place to invest and grow your business.''

While nationally there was little change in private sector employment between 2010 and 2011, Barnsley saw the largest increase in this area and it tops the table with 7.2 per cent growth - against a 1.1 per cent point average nationally.

The borough is also named as having a 3.3 per cent point rise in overall employment.

When it comes to housing supply growth, Barnsley is also doing well, featuring as one of the top 10 places with the highest housing stock growth (coming third out of 63).

Cllr Burgess added: “There is a lot to be positive about in Barnsley. Business survival rates are increasing, jobs are being created, more local residents are in employment and workplace weekly pay is increasing.''