BARNSLEY Council are reviewing information sent in by residents as they prepare to set its budget for 2013/14.

Last month residents and local businesses were invited to give their opinions and comments on a range of savings, totalling £18.7m.

All the views received in recent weeks will be considered by councillors at its meeting on Thursday 28 February, where next year’s budget will be set.

In its April 2013 to March 2014 budget, the council needs to find savings of £18.7m out of a net budget of £206m – alongside improvements to services and business operations.

Despite these savings, the council say they're going to spend £52m on services for children, young people and families, almost £62m on adults and communities, and more than £32m on development, environment and culture.

What do you think to these figures, WABers? Where would you like to see the money go?