THE Olympic effect of 2012 had an incredible impact at several Barnsley Premier Leisure sites.

Figures released show that the Metrodome received 50,062 swimmers - a huge increase of 49% on the previous year.

Since 2012 the number of gym memberships across Barnsley Leisure Centres has increased by 32% from 7,202 members to over 10,000.

Back in February 2012 the Barnsley Metrodome opened its highly anticipated £1million water park - Calypso Cove - which saw the overall visitors increase by nearly 7,000 with a footfall of 21,700 visitors during the Easter holidays.

BPL Chief Executive, Tim Wilson said:

“We have had one fantastic year in 2012. A year filled with national pride and success with the Olympics and Paralympics. We hope 2013 is just as successful and continue to offer an outstanding service to our customers”.