A MECHANIC from Barnsley is attempting to drive a vintage 40-year-old car from Yorkshire to Ukraine - to raise funds for an international children's charity.

Wayne Bourdon, of Athersley North, will drive his classic 1969 Ford Zodiac more than 4,500 miles across central and eastern Europe to Chernobyl in August.

He is hoping his three-week road trip will raise £5,000 through sponsorship for the UK-based charity Hope and Homes for Children. He will visit the charity's projects on route.

The charity links up with governments across central and eastern Europe and Africa, helping to get abandoned and orphaned children out of institutions and into loving families.

Wayne first heard about its work while watching a Channel 4 documentary about the plight of abandoned children in Ukraine.

He said: "The programme was shocking, but the charity explained how it was making a real difference and so I decided I wanted to help."