DUE to the adverse weather conditions, here's a list of disruptions to Stagecoach Yorkshire's bus services across the region. With snow continuing to fall, passengers are being urged to visit here for regular updates on service changes throughout the day.

Please note that more changes could be made throughout the day, so it's advised that you continue to check the website and our Facebook page.

Service 1 is diverting at Eastfield Arms and following the normal route back to Barnsley.

Service 6 is terminating at Kendray Medical Centre.

Service 28 is not serving South Hiendley.

Service 22 is not serving Dodworth High St or Gilroyd.

Service 21 is not serving Keresforth Hill Road, Gilroyd, Dodworth High St, Silkstone, Silkstone Common, Oxspring or Cubley. Terminating at Penistone Church.

Services 43 and 44 are not serving Worsbrough Common.

Service 57 is diverting at Royston Wells, turning right onto Midland Road resuming normal route. Not serving Meadstead Drive.

Service 59 is not serving Station Road or Notton.

Service 66 is currently terminating in Hoyland town centre.

Service 67 is not serving Worsbrough High St, Worsbrough Village, Jump or Hemmingfield.

Service 95 is not serving Queens Drive.

Service 29 is not serving Michael's Estate or Nancy Crescent.

Service 27 is not serving Morrison Rd or Upperwood Road in Darfield.

Service 219 is not serving Upperwood Road, carrying along Barnsley Road, not serving Merrill Road or Hannover St in Thurnscoe, not serving Scawsby Estate.

Service 222 is not serving Denaby estate.

Service 265 is not serving Worsbrough Village.

Service 31 is currently unable to serve Long Causeway.

Service 200 is currently unable to serve Swinton Interchange.

Service 218 is unable to serve Piccadilly Road or Valley Road.

Service 220 is currently operating a diversion through Conisbrough.

Service 221 is diverted along Doncaster Road.

Service 224 is not able to serve Cadeby Village.

Service 226 is unable to serve Thurnscoe loop.

Service 229 is unable to serve Melton High Street.