A SPORTS centre that cost over £2 million was demolished - despite the fact that the council wanted to give it away.

The Kingstone School Sports Centre was built using lottery funding in 2006 but was no longer needed when the school closed.

The council was looking for a community group to take it over - but none came forward with a viable business plan.

Council leader Steve Houghton said: "We were prepared to give it away.

"We did not place a value on it, we did not want a penny for it, all we asked for was a viable business plan to show the sports centre could be run without costing the council any money.

"There was no asking price, in fact it would have cost us capital receipts of around £1milion to give it away.

"But that was a cost we were prepared to pay if the sports centre could have been run for the benefit of the local community without us losing money.

"That is what happened with the sports centre in Penistone, a local community group took it over and is running it at no cost to the council.

"But in the case of the Kingstone sports centre sadly no-one, not even Barnsley Premier Leisure, could run it without losing money.

"Everything that could have been done was done, but unfortunately even when we were prepared to give the sports centre away. no-one wanted it."