EDUCATION inspectors say that inadequate progress has been made at a school that has been placed in special measures.

Carlton Community College, on Royston Lane, was deemed 'failing' last January and has been inspected by Ofsted twice since.

After their latest visit, inspectors say there's been inadequate progress - despite staff being told they must raise attainment, especially in English and maths, accelerate the progress of certain groups of students, rapidly increase the proportion of good or better teaching, reduce persistent absence, improve the leadership and management of teaching and improve the quality of communication with parents.

A report revealed that while students made more progress in maths last year, it still considerably below average.

It added the progress made by students in English fell considerably in 2012. 

Teachers were not always successful in identifying different ways to ensure that all students find lessons interesting and challenging and are able to make progress.

The report added: "Teachers' expectations of students are too low. In too many lessons there is little to attract the students' interest or curiosity. The pace of lessons is often too slow, causing some behavioural issues to arise, and the progress of students to be inadequate."

The report said strategies to increase the attendance were having only a slight impact and that persistent absence was still exceptionally high.

It stated that misbehaviour in lessons was down to poor teaching and a lack of activities with which students want to engage.

However, inspectors did find that student behaviour had improved.

Headteacher Neil Hutchinson was considered by students to be 'firm but fair' and they welcomed the changes made.

The report said actions taken to raise the quality of teaching have intensified following the appointment of Mr Hutchinson, in September.