THOUSANDS of people across Barnsley face having their benefits axed in a move that is expected to take £15m out of the local economy.

MP Dan Jarvis revealed to We Are Barnsley this week that - under new cuts proposed by the government - the cuts to the Disability Living Allowance could have a crippling effect on town.

The reforms will mean that some people who are currently able to claim will have their benefits axed and will be unable to get them in future.

He said: "Government are making a whole series of changes to the benefit system and it looks as if the changes will mean that £15 million that would have otherwise come in to the Barnsley economy will be lost.

"That's a huge amount of money - that's £15 million that would have been paid to people living in Barnsley who would have spent that money in the town. The reality is you can't just take that amount of money out of our economy without noticing a significant impact. The cuts that are being made are going to hit really hard.

"People have got long memories in the town, they remember the difficulties of coping with the miner's strike 25 years ago and I know that people in Barnsley are already feeling the pinch. Times are tough and sadly they are going to get worse.

"If an individual is able to work , then they must work and go out and contribute to society but there are lots of people who are not able to work and a lot of these are etxremely fearful of the fact that they are going to lose benefits to what they are legitimately entitled to."

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