A MAN has been sentenced to five months in prison after paying someone to take his speeding points by advertising on Facebook.

Scott Woodburn, 32, of Hill Crest Road, Rotherham, was caught speeding on Halifax Road in Penistone in 2011.


But he published a post on Facebook asking someone to take the points in return for payment - he paid £250 to a Sheffield man who admitted to the offence on his behalf.

But South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership's Enquiry Team led an investigation - presenting forensic evidence which finally led to a guilty plea.

He was sentenced to five month in prison and disqualified from driving.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership said: “Woodburn showed no regard for anyone else. He was prepared to drive at excessive speed, once caught rather than changing the manner of his driving he selfishly paid to have someone else to take the blame so that he could continue behaving as before.“

The man who admitted the offence was given an 11-week custodial sentence suspended for 12 months.