BARNSLEY Football Club's board have issued a statement outlining plans for the new manager - and a commitment to become more involved with the community.

In a statement issued by the club this morning, the board said they had drawn up a shotlist of applicants and the interview process had commenced.

The statement - which was published on the Barnsley Football Club website - added: "The Board will seriously assess every aspect of the character they want to bring in to the football club before making a decision.

"It has been said that it is a tradition of Barnsley Football Club to change the Manager often, whereas reality suggests prior to Keith Hill's departure there had been only one managerial dismissal in the past six years."

The statement also says the club plans to become more involved in the community - an area which it feels has been lacking in the last few years.

The club hopes the new manager will be appointed before the Leeds United fixture on January 12.