A CONMAN who scammed £50,000 from vulnerable people - including a couple from Wombwell - by selling them supposed 'mobility aids' appears before courts today.

Darren Sharpe, 42, pleaded guilty to five fraud offences in South Yorkshire a further 16 offences of fraud and theft were also taken into consideration. He is due before courts today for sentencing.

He allegedly sold ordinary mattress covers - worth about £30 each - to vulnerable people for over £300 when he claimed they would have health benefits for ailments such as bad backs and stiff joints.

Mobility aids such as mobility scooters and stair lifts were also sold at an inflated price or were not delivered and unauthorised transactions from credit cards were taken as part of the scam.

Sharpe targeted 80-year-old Roy Cusworth and his wife Brenda from Wombwell in February 2012.

He visited the couple and discussed mobility assistance for Mrs Cusworth, who had suffered two strokes, has arthritis and a back problem.

The Cusworths were sold a mattress topper for £280 only to receive a cheap substandard £30 mattress topper.

Roy Cusworth said: "I would never have thought I'd have been taken in by this man. He came to our house and spent two hours in my home discussing my wife’s needs.

“We had only just returned from a holiday to Spain where Brenda had taken a fall due to her arthritis and had sustained injuries that required physiotherapy. The representative from Ideal Mobility contacted us shortly after and we just assumed he was legitimate.”

The amount of money taken from the victims ranged from £200 to £5,000 and totalled £50,000.