AN 11-YEAR-OLD girl attacked by a gang of girls who burned her PE kit and waved lit cigarettes in her face is now too afraid to go home from school on her own.

Gina Cropper, 11, of Thurnscoe, was walking home to Low Grange Road, Thurnscoe, from Wath Comprehensive school when she was approached by four girls.

They asked Gina to 'slap them' but she said no. The gang of girls then started pulling at her bag before taking it from the youngster and rifling through it.

"I kept telling them I've got to get home, my mum's going to be worried about me," said Gina.

"One of the girls took my bag and they started looking through it, saying they were looking for something.

"I told them not to, then one of them started looking through my purse while the others set my PE kit on fire.

"It was scary, they were putting cigarettes in my face and I started panicking and I felt really sick."

She managed to grab her belongings from the girls and run away, but the ordeal has left her frightened.

Gina's step-mum, Laura Clegg, was shocked to find out the incident happened just five doors away from where they live.

"She's only 11 and new to the area as we've only been here since January. Gina was in a bit of a state by the time she got home. It's awful what they did and I'm going to be meeting her after school from now on to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Ms Clegg said the police have been informed and a police community support officer has spoken to Gina.

A spokesman for the force confirmed it is investigating the incident.