A BARNSLEY school has introduced a coat ban - forbidding students to wear coats indoors.

The students at Shafton ALC have been told they must put their coats in a locker or bag during lessons - or risk detention, confiscation or being sent home.

Michelle Clark, who has a child in year nine, said :

"I don't see why kids can't just put coats on the backs of their chairs - it was good enough when we were at school."

Headteacher Bernadette O'Brien said students are allowed to wear their coats entering and leaving school and in all external areas.

"At all other times, students are required to place external clothing in their bag or their locker," she said.

"Where students do not wish to have a locker and do not have a bag, a carrier bag is provided.

"Where students decline these options, they are required to leave their coat at the student reception desk until the end of the day."