A £50,000 grant from the Arts Council will be used to increase visitor numbers at Barnsley's visitor attractions.

The cash will be used to improve footfall to sites like Worsbrough Mill and Cannon Hall by adding in more for guests to see.

Coun Linda Burgess said Worsbrough Mill was looking at possibly creating a shop to sell organic flour, and other ideas to help expand the business then just offering milling demonstrations.

She said because there is already a shop at Cannon Hall, other activities and ideas are being considered to get more people in.

Coun Burgess added: "These are the kind of things they were going to be looking at, and also generating income.

"We've got some fantastic visitor attractions in Barnsley which are at the moment under-used and under-visited, not just by Barnsley people but also by people outside of Barnsley.

"We do need to make sure we keep these visitor attractions and increase the opportunity for them to get people to come and spend money so these attractions aren't lost."