THOUSANDS of winter survival packs are on offer to Barnsley's most vulnerable and needy families.

The 4,000 packs include include a blanket, gloves, hats, socks, porridge oats, and an alarm to make people aware when a room drops below a certain temperature.

They have been built up and will be distributed by volunteers through Voluntary Action Barnsley after statistics show that 140 people die of winter related conditions caused by being too cold every year in the borough.

The winter packs will be given to the elderly and struggling families and have been paid for out of a  £206,000 grant from the Department of Health.

Voluntary Action Barnsley is taking referrals from voluntary and community groups who will refer individuals who need the packs.

EDITED TO ADD: VAB has asked us to clarify this story after having numerous phone calls from individuals. Due to high demand, they will only be given to those that are referred through a community group.

More information from Lorna Lewis at Voluntary Action Barnsley - 01226 320100.