BARNSLEY Council is preparing for a frosty winter and has brought in record levels of rock salt.

It has more than 11,700 tonnes of grit ready to be used - although less than half of all local roads are gritted as a precaution.

It added: "Once all the primary routes have been gritted and are running freely we will then consider streets included in the secondary routes list.

"We currently precautionary grit 48 per cent of Barnsley’s roads, but unfortunately do not have resources to grit them all."

The council also works to a 'snow plan' which covers local shopping areas, outside doctors surgeries and schools, OAP sheltered housing complexes and OAP bungalow estates.

It covers over 400 sites and comes into affect after every fresh snowfall - once these have been dealt with the staff move onto other locations and specific requests.

To request a road be gritted, or arrange for a grit bin to be filled, go here.