A BABY boy who suddenly stopped breathing in Barnsley interchange has been saved by two quick-thinking police officers.

PC Jane Rees and Special Constable Simon Hegarty were on foot patrol in the station when they heard a woman screaming for help.

Jordan Carroll, 21, of Royston, was in the newsagents when she noticed her son Taylor-Blake, 11 months, had stopped breathing.

She said: "He looked dead in the pram and I was so scared and started screaming for help.

"That's when the officers came from nowhere and started giving him CPR and mouth-to-mouth.

"He'd stopped breathing for three minutes and then he was fitting for four minutes after that. It was awful and I went into shock and collapsed.

"I didn't know what to do, no-one else in the shop knew CPR either and I'm so grateful those officers were there, otherwise I don't know what would

have happened.

"I cannot thank them enough, they are lifesavers and did a great job."

Eventually he began to breathe for himself and was taken to Barnsley hospital.

A spokesman for the police said: "We believe the quick response of the two officers may have saved the child's life."