COUNCIL staff based in the town centre will have access to an electric car for use on short journeys across the borough.

The Citroen C-Zero will be shared amongst the staff based at Westgate Plaza One and Gateway Plaza and they will be encouraged to use it for journeys of less than ten miles, instead of using their own private cars.

Coun Roy Miller said: "Barnsley Council is committed to finding more environmentally sustainable ways of undertaking its business and daily business travel is part of that.

"This electric vehicle will provide staff with an alternative option to the high dependency they have on petrol and diesel. It will also have the dual benefit of reducing our carbon emission levels, which is a key long-term sustainability ambition for the council."

The car was paid for by grants from DEFRA (£14,470) and from the Local Transport Plan budget (£7,235.)

The car - which has a range of about 80 miles - will be arriving in the new year.