ALMOST 30 support workers who were recruited to help people learn skills to allow them to become independent have been told their jobs are at risk.

The staff at the council's Home Assessment and Reablement Team (HART) have been told that 29 jobs will have to go as demand for the service has not been as high as predicted.

It only lauched in March last year to offer support for up to six weeksto help locals regain living skills to become independent at home - reducing the costs of long term home care.

But a council spokesman said: "A key challenge faced by the service has been the consistently lower than anticipated demand for the number of care hours requiring reablement support, based on the initial projections when the service was commissioned."

The council's ruling cabinet decided last week to keep 75 HART workers with the other 29 placed 'at risk.'


The cuts are expected to save £580,000 per year