DRUNKEN yobs that hung dead rabbits from lamp posts in Ardsley have been cited as one reason why an alcohol banning order is being considered.

The licensing board will meet tomorrow (November 21) to discuss plans to place a Designated Public Place Order on the entire Stairfoot ward after police teams said there had been instances of alcohol-fuelled disorder and nuisance.

The order would cover the entire Stairfoot ward - which also incorporates parts of Wombwell, Kendray and Ardsley.

The report said: "Criminal damage remains a constant theme throughout street drinking, one of the worst affected areas being Ardsley Park. This has seen the pavilion set on fire, damage to the bowling green and dead rabbits hung from the lampposts.

"Main areas affected are public places such as parks and the Trans Pennine Trail. The number of reported incidents to the police of alcohol related antisocial behaviour has risen, despite numerous measures being put in place to combat this. An order would allow officers to seize alcohol from offenders likel to consume the alocol in the street or a public park."

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